About The Grand Park Foundation

The Grand Park Foundation celebrates diversity by supporting, managing and enhancing the experience of Grand Park for the people of Los Angeles, and all its visitors. Since its inception, The Grand Park Foundation has been dedicated to this mission by maintaining the beauty, and integrity of Grand Park as a world-class public space and destination.

Board Of Directors

Starlett Quarles, President
Irwin S. Field, Treasurer
Sandy Pressman, Secretary

Gloria Molina, Board Member
Tony Paradowski, Board Member
Jose Luis Valenzuela, Board Member

Maria Veloz, Board Member
Charlie Woo, Board Member
Michael Woo, Board Member

All Skate Planning Committee

Azul Amaral
Angie Castro
Illya Dailey
Cathy Hawkins

Ralph Nunez
Petra Niles
Velma Perdoma
Ann Protenza

Poly Rob
Adrien Seixas
Badru Umi
Phelicia Wright

Grand Park Foundation

501 N. Main Street, Suite 304 | Los Angeles, CA 90012
213-267-8500 | 213-542-6272 (F) | info@GrandParkFoundation.org | www.GrandParkFoundation.org